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H1010002-060 250 mg
MiroHealth Extra 60 capsules
Pure Pueraria Mirifica
(was €29.90) now €27.60 + postage
H1010003-100 100 grams
MiroHealth Breast Cream 100 grams
Pueraria Mirifica
(was €95.00) now €79.00 + postage
H1010004-020 20 grams
MiroHealth Face Cream 20 grams
Pueraria Mirifica
(was €16.95) now €14.95 + postage
H1010001-060 250 mg
MiroHealth Tonic 60 capsules
Pure Pueraria Mirifica
(was €24.90) now €23.90 + postage
H1010003-030 30 grams
MiroHealth Breast Cream 30 grams
Micronised Pueraria Mirifica
(was €27.90) now €26.90 + postage
H1010005-020 20 ml
MiroHealth Pure Serum 20 ml
Pueraria Mirifica
(was €23.20) now €17.00 + postage

No matter what you read about the herbs, Anne Selene has all the scientific facts.

Pueraria Mirifica (also known in Thailand as Kwao Krua Kawo or White Kwao Krua), is a plant found mostly in Thailand and some surrounding countries. According to research, the northern region of Thailand, where this plant is grown, is remarkable for its low rate of breast cancer and impressive longevity. The facts are that a good quality Pueraria Mirifica, such as MiroHealth, is 3000 times stronger than other oestrogenic root and plants containing same or similar phytochemicals. ”Mirifica” means “miracle” and there is a good reason why this root got this name.

MiroHealth Extra and MiroHealth Tonic comes with 60 capsules, each 250mg. If you are looking for Pueraria Mirifica to enhance your breast, skin, hair or lighten menopause problems, you should go for MiroHealth Extra. If you are after Pueraria Mirifica for maintenance mode for breasts, skin or light menopause, you should go for MiroHealth Tonic. MiroHealth Breast Cream are used for breast and the surrounding skin enhancements only. It's based on nano technology which gives good effect on the phytochemicals (Phytochemicals are chemical compounds that occur naturally in plants) found in the cream.