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The information and products contained in this website is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you are in doubt if this applies to you or not, please ask your allocated doctor.

All specifications on this website www.anne-selene.com are subject to change without prior notice. Trademarks, brand names and copyrights are properties of their respective holders and only browser-visible contents are valid.

Products shown are not designed, intended nor authorised for use in applications intended to support or sustain life or any other applications in which the failure of the products shown could create a situation where personal injuries or death may occur. Should Buyer purchase or use such products for unintended or unauthorised application(s), Buyer shall then indemnify and hold EuroAsia, it's company group, it's suppliers and its officers, employees, subsidiaries, affiliates and distributors harmless against all claim, cost, damages, expenses and reasonable attorney fees arising out of, directly or indirectly, any claim of personal injury or death or damage of property associated with such unintended or unauthorised use, even if such claim alleges that EuroAsia or its affiliates or subsidiaries was negligent regarding the design or manufacture of the part(s).

This limited warranty is void if failure of the products has resulted from accident, abuse, misapplication, improper calibration by Customer, Customer supplied third party software not intended for use with the applicable EuroAsia or Anne Selene © products or software, utilisation of an improper hardware or software key, modifications to the product by Customer or a third party, or unauthorised maintenance or repair.

Some products mentioned on this website is subject to "made-by-order" which mean it might take as much as one month between receiving payments and the actual product is delivered. This is due to the fact that EuroAsia is manufacturer and the process of manufacturing may take time. However if the products are in stock, the products will be shipped within the following 1-2 working days.

International shipping information

Different countries has different laws and from time to time it could happen that your package would not be delivered because even the customs whom are handling the many packages, thinks and behave differently so we cannot be responsible for any tariffs, customs restrictions, and/or other regulations that applies in your country.

So the golden rule is that do not order items that are illegal to import into your country as laws are different from country to country as well there might not be any constancy from the customs side as one day it might be OK while another day not and we cannot keep up with all import rules and regulation for every country.

It is therefore your own responsibility to check with the customs office to see if your country permits the shipment of our products you are ordering from this website. If for any reason the package is seized by customs officials, we will not issue you a refund unless all products are returned to us in their original condition, however if the package is returned to us, you are still responsible for any shipping and/or handling charges.

Prices shown on http://www.anne-selene.com does not include freight nor VAT (GST). Prices shown is just indicated prices sold out of Thailand and may not be same in countries where EuroAsia has offices or agents. If goods are shipped out of Thailand there is no VAT or GST charges from our side unless the products are purchased within Thailand, then +7% VAT shall apply.